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Whovians Walk 500 Miles

Click here to watch the video on youtube.

This is a fanproject that started 13 months ago. The video was finally finished and uploaded on youtube in November 2013.

And since I really like how it came out, I gifed a few of my favourite scenes so I could share them with you :) (although there are many more great scenes which unfortunately weren’t that good for gifs)


3rd gif: Jack, Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler

4th gif: Miss Foster, Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble

5th gif: Male!TARDIS, Fem!4th Doctor, Rose Tyler

6th gif: Owen, Ianto, Jack, Jack (Year That Never Was), Ianto

7th gif: Rassilon, Tenth Doctor, The Master

8th gif: Fem!Ten, Dalek (with a Clara inside!), Rose Tyler

(I couldn’t find out if the others had a tumblr or something like that too)



peter parker, gwen stacy, harry osborn & the hipster shit they pull
(consultingmisha, featherycompanion and myself respectively. amazingly over-edited pictures courtesy of silly apps on my phone.)

the amazing spider-man (2) at animagic ‘14


Commodore James Norrington: Felix
Captain Jack Sparrow: Essie
Pictures by Essie and partyjolras :-*

Norrington is one of my favourite characters ever, though I guess few people know that about me nowadays because PotC isn’t a fandom that’s often talked about anymore. I noticed that at Castlefest when hardly anyone even recognized what films I was from, let alone which character I was XD But I don’t care. I love James so much, I will proudly cosplay him until more people start to like him as much as I do >D

And I had some awesome moments, especially when a very kind gentleman in an actual vintage British uniform complimented me on my accurate replica of the Royal Navy uniform! oO To which of course, being me, I had to say, “thank you, but…" and argue that it’s not in fact accurate at all XD But that started a gorgeous conversation and the point is that someone who really knows their shit (historically) noticed and approved and that just makes me so happy!

Well… generally I think I’m only just over halfway there with the outfit. I hate the brocade. Don’t look at it. Ignore it. It will be replaced. But considering this was only my second attempt at a tailcoat (Jack’s being the first!) I did quite well! And yes, I do also hate the wig, it will be used to mop the deck in the future. However… all in all… I am so, so happy to finally have had the chance to cosplay James Norrington. The world needs more of him.

Lastly, meet my gorgeous Mr Sparrow, who is due to get his own photoset presently… and we may or may not have raised an ancient ship back up from the depths ^___^


Finally… Sparrington. This pairing means so much to us, it’s been with us all through the years that we’ve know each other, and as you might know Pirates of the Caribbean is the thing that got us together in the first place. We have so much headcanon about these two, headcanon that we’re constantly re-working but the main idea always stays the same; that Jack loves a challenge and James simply never knew how much he really wanted.. freedom.

We hope to find more people who share our love of this pairing! And we hope you like these pictures as much as we do.

Captain Jack Sparrow.. Essie
Commodore James Norrington.. Felix
Photography.. twerkingintomirkwood (thank you so much darling!!)


Commandeering Castlefest 2014 ♥ Essie’s Jack Sparrow debut… it was hard work, but SO worth it!

I basically couldn’t with her. She had the movement, the swagger, the women(!), the walk, the talk, everything. Well, we’ve only been roleplaying Pirates of the Caribbean on and off for ten years but still… this costume was finished so suddenly, it felt like the chance to wear it out was sprung on us and somehow we were so ready for it XD Everything worked out perfectly, I am so proud of the clothing and I am in love with Essie’s Jack. There will be gifs. Yes. :3

For now, I hope you like our pictures ^^
More here: Sparrington, Norrington (with some Jack)

Captain Jack Sparrow.. Essie
Davy Jones.. Richard
Photography.. Felix

About the costume…

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The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes was really cool


Charles Xavier.. Essie
Raven Darkholme.. yao84
Photography.. Felix



Requested by Anonymous



Requested by Anonymous



some snaps from contopia xD


Somewhere, some place, there is one parent getting everything right.


Somewhere, some place, there is one parent getting everything right.


Cherik at dinner :3



Azazel, Nightcrawler (Kurt) and Mystique (Raven).

First pic: SchifferCake

Second: Spritetacular

Third: nyanray

Fourth: taku1

Fifth: ぷくん